Portrait Testimonials

I commissioned Annabelle to take some photographs to market my Psychotherapeutic Counselling Practice. I wanted to capture something very specific; what might a therapeutic relationship with me be like? Annabelle’s approach was inspirational. Annabelle used a fusion of bespoke portrait photography, deep rooted in the earthy qualities of the natural world. Her intuitive use of the camera and emotional grounding techniques really made me feel comfortable in front of the lens. A more embodied and authentic version of me was able to emerge and I quickly forgot about my egoic ideals of a capturing ‘the perfect picture’. My photo shoot with Annabelle became like a precious conversation with my higher power; and I really got the results that I had hoped for. There is a magical quality in Annabelle’s use of the traditional medium of 120mm film. Each shot becomes thoughtful, simple, and precious. A way of being that is so often lost in the consumable use of digital photography. I can’t recommend Annabelle highly enough.

Annabelle is a natural and intuitive photographer, with a gift for seeing and recording the essence of her subject.

I approached Annabelle for my photographs not just because she produces beautiful images but because she has a way of deeply connected with people. I wanted my images to portray a story and how I work with the clients I choose to work with. They did that perfectly. The photo shoot itself was a learning experience for me, seeing my way of being in photograph form has connected me with my message even more deeply.