Photography is a medium I choose to convey an underlying quality of a place, revealing a more subtle expression that resides within the natural world. My photographs highlight the quiet yet impactful presence of nature. Their purpose is to give a taste of the resonance I experience while shooting these images. I believe it is not so much the subject matter that informs the viewer’s attention, but the impact the emotive response creates while looking at these images. There is a meditative quality that keeps you looking beyond the first glance.

My work is usually made over long periods of time observing nature. This allows me to see past the obvious and gain a deeper connection to the subject. From an early age nature has been my place of solace, where I could disappear from life's interruptions by soaking up its sobering truths, its depths and ever-changing moods. Its where I feel totally complete. I see myself as a representative of the natural world, going out on quests to discover a life beyond our day-to-day existence. I immerse myself in my surroundings and in the momentum of walking on the land, slowing down my mind to create a stiller inner environment before I respond to the external environment. I am rewarded with the essence of nature's clarity and perspective. I photograph what I am drawn to: the initial recording is an intuitive experience. I am aware of the mind’s constant bombardment to one's senses and so I try to let go of any logical explanations.

Through my work, I aim to bring the same sense of peace, stillness and deep connection to the viewer that I experience as I stand in front of a landscape of tranquillity and perfection. It is my hope that my images become a catalyst for others to remain aware of the fragility of the world - a growing global realisation.

"I believe that it's not what you see that informs you but how you see it."

Annabelle Nicoll is represented by Lumitrix and Four Square Arts.

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